Your Guide to Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando

Can you already hear the Jurassic Park theme playing? Jurassic Park, in my humble opinion, is one of the most iconic areas of Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park. Located directly across the lagoon from the main entrance, the land features thrilling adventures, fun for kids, great shaded areas to relax, and best of all, DINOSAURS. Lots of them too! There’s so much to do in this little area and especially with the recent opening of the *churro stand*, you might feel a little overwhelmed with where to start. Without further ado, welcome to Jurassic Park!

Jurassic Park River Adventure

Not going to lie, this ride absolutely terrified me as a child, but it’s one of the most iconic rides in the park. Just a fair warning though: you WILL get wet. It’s the perfect cool down on a summer day, but might be a little uncomfortable in the chillier months. From the kind dinosaurs at the start to the big drop at the end, there is so much to be excited by as you float through the land where dinosaurs roam.

Velociraptor Encounter

Ah yes, the highlight of every single one of my Universal Orlando trips- the Velociraptor Encounter. If you want some adventure without going on a ride, all while getting the perfect snapshot, this experience is for you. You have the opportunity to get face-to-face with a real velociraptor! Yes, it’s as thrilling as it sounds. Nowadays, you’ll most likely meet Blue, the star raptor of Jurassic World. She can be a bit aggressive, but I think she’s super fun and adorable. Now, you can also meet a baby velociraptor at the encounter and I promise you that you’ll fall in love at first glance.

Pizza Predattoria

Dinosaur eats man. And pizza, apparently.

While it may look like your typical quick-service pizza joint, Pizza Predattoria is my favorite grab n’ go joint at Islands of Adventure. Not only does it have that classic thick and fluffy crust pizza that I love to find at theme parks, it’s located (at least, used to be) right near the Velociraptor Encounter, so you can hear all the wonderful sounds of nature as you eat.

Pteradon Flyers & Camp Jurassic

If you’re a kid, there’s no better place than Camp Jurassic! There’s tons of areas to explore and adventure in. There’s even a ride just for kids! Well, parents can supervise, but the ride requires you to be under 56″ to ride. Unfortunately, I haven’t been into the area in quite a while since I’m unfortunately no longer a small child, but I remember nothing but fun times!

Jurassic Park Discovery Center

If you’re looking to learn more about dinosaurs, fossils, and even see the hatching of a baby dinosaur, all in the style of the original Jurassic Park movie! While some of the technology might seem a little retro, it’s such a fun place to explore, learn, and get a little break from the heat. 


It is indeed the greatest churro stand of them all. I, unfortunately, have not made it to Universal Orlando Resort to ride the Velocicoaster yet, but I cannot describe how excited I am to make it one day. Based on the many videos, blogs, and social media posts I’ve looked since previews began, it looks like one of the most incredible roller coasters, many saying that the two best roller coasters in Orlando are right next to each other (citing Hagrid’s Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter). I can guarantee that it’ll be one of the first things I do when I’m back at Islands of Adventure and I’ll have so much content to share from my experience. 

Have a terrific day,

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