Why I Live #OnTheBrightSide

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog!

I know I’ve been a little MIA lately, but now that school and dance are beginning to calm down, I’ll be more active!

In honor of the better weather, and the start of Lilly season, I’m sharing something very close to Lilly’s new hashtag- why I live #OnTheBrightSide.

When I was really little, my mom bought me a few Lilly outfits that I loved. As I got a little older and into the age of elementary school, I kept my love of bright colors and a more formal style, even though stores like Justice and Abercrombie Kids were more common for my friends and I. Even though it may not have been Lilly, it was quite common to see me wearing a bright pink dress to school.

A few years ago, 2015 to be exact, a very close friend of mine helped me to rediscover Lilly and my love of the brand. I bought my first shift, the Mila in All Nighter, at the store on Madison Ave in NYC while I was at my ballet summer intensive. Over the course of that summer, I went to a bunch of different corporate and signature stores, and my collection slowly started to grow.

Since that moment, Lilly has been a major part of my life. For me, it’s not just a brand, but it’s a way of life. The bright colors always keep me positive and looking towards warmer weather, even when the time gets tough. That feeling of endless summer and consistent happiness makes me feel so confident everyday.The entire idea of the brand created a new way for my best friend and I to bond. I can’t even count the number of shopping trips and text conversations we’ve had over new prints and releases. More importantly, Lilly has been with me for so many important life moments. From awards ceremonies to parties to every day’s magical moments, the Lilly mentality is always with me, even if I’m not wearing the colorful prints. I’ll share some of my favorite moments down below.

For me, Lilly is clearly more than just a clothing brand. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of my favorite Lilly memories and reading about why I wear so much Lilly.

Stay Sunny,


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