What I Wore: Orlando January 2022

If you know me, you know I love wearing a cute outfit for literally any occasion. When I’m going back to my happy place, of course I need to have equally happy outfits! Since I’m not a local, I want to keep my outfits practical, but I also want to wear outfits I love and might not get to wear as often at home. Especially with how much warmer Florida is than New York, I wanted to wear some of my favorite things that I wouldn’t be able to wear at home for another few months! I’m in love with what I ended up picking out, and wanted to share my outfits of the *almost* week with you on here!

As a quick note, I wore my rose gold striped Adidas the entire trip (I love all of my Adidas, but I practically live in these). I also only brought my Amazon exclusive Winnie-the-Pooh Pop! Loungefly Backpack this trip since it was so short and last minute.

Day 1, What I Wore for: Buc-ee’s, Outlets, Disney Springs

I still had a couple hours in the car today, but wanted a cute and fun outfit for walking around Disney Springs. So, I made a perfect compromise between comfy and cute! My top is a solid blue baby tee from Urban Outfitters, and my skirt is a striped skater skirt with a rose gold buckle on the wait (also from Urban Outfitters). I opted for light blue slightly visible socks, rose gold heart charm hoops from Kate Spade, my Snap the Magic necklace from Fintastic Configuration (use code FINTASTICTONI for a discount at checkout), and a tie-on Disney charm bracelet from Stoney Clover Lane.

Day 2, What I Wore for: Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom

I love matching my outfits to the parks I visit because its fun and helps me take cooler pictures (challenging myself to take stronger and more engaging images is something I always look forward to). There is a slight issue though- what kind of outfit would be good for both Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom? I struggled in my closet a bit to find the perfect fit, but then I picked up a blue printed Urban Outfitters dress I got around my birthday and knew it was the one. The dress fits me so well, the vibrant blue is gorgeous, and the floral print kind of looks like peacock feathers up close! I paired it with most of the same jewelry as yesterday, but wore my BFF Balloon Necklace instead of my Snap the Magic Necklace from Fintastic Configuration.

Day 3, What I Wore for: Islands of Adventure

I didn’t want to only wear blue my entire trip, so I wanted to find some pinks or neutrals to throw into my wardrobe. It was also expected that this day would be slightly chillier than the first two, so pants seemed to be an optimal choice. I ended up choosing a pink sweetheart neckline and puff sleeve top from Abercrombie and pairing it with a pair of Abercrombie jeans that have stars embroidered around the pockets (I’m sorry, I don’t remember the style name, but I know I got them for a great sale last winter/spring). It ended up being the perfect outfit, since the simple but pretty colors ended up pairing well with all of the lands at Islands of Adventure and was perfect for the weather! I will say, though, I did have to throw on my solid black Champion sweatshirt (gifted by my boyfriend) at a couple breezy points throughout the day. All the jewelry I wore today was the same as what I wore on my first day in Orlando.

Day 4, What I Wore for: Epcot & Hollywood Studios

In all honesty, I had a totally different outfit planned for my last full day in Orlando. I had packed a blue gingham Princess Polly dress since it was so adorable and perfect for both Festival of the Arts and my first visit to Hollywood Studios in many years, but I ended up visiting the Billabong outlet in Orlando the evening before and finding this gorgeous tropical-printed dress on sale that just fit me perfectly. I got back to the hotel that night, tried both on again, and knew I needed to wear my new find. I paired it with my Paint the Magic necklace from Fintastic Configuration, which was designed with Festival of the Arts in Mind, and my No Strings bar necklace on a chain extender, also from Fintastic Configuration. The rest of my jewelry was the same as previous days!


Aside from these outfits, I did wear a basic sweatshirt with leggings on the drive to and from Florida to stay warm and comfy. Unfortunately, most of these items are no longer sold or out of stock, so I was unable to link them. However, all the stores that I bought from have tons of cute new items (especially on sale)!

Are you interested in seeing more of what I wore for different occasions, or more outfit ideas from me? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a terrific day!

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