positive mindset

  • Creating an Anxiety-Free Environment

    If you’re anything like me, the past year and a half has brought about so much extra stress and anxiety, sometimes to a point that can feel like everything is out of control. Now that I’m on summer vacation and trying to prep for my re-emergence into the real world, I’ve been spending a decent amount of my time trying to find ways to calm my mind and create a…

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  • Perspective

    I could sit down to write a blog post about my back to school outfits, what’s in my college backpack for the upcoming semester, or advice on getting involved, making friends, and doing well in classes. I’m sure those will all come in time, but…

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  • Living Without Regrets

    Life presents us with choices every day, and sometimes, the options we’re presented with aren’t simple. In some of these cases, it’s really hard to know the “right” answer until after you’ve chosen and seen the results that follow the choice. When we get to…

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