• Best Photo Spots at Universal Studios Orlando

    Not too long ago, we took a little trip around Universal Resort’s Islands of Adventure to discover the best photo spots. Today, we’re heading right next door to explore Universal Studios. The big sister park to IOA is known for its classic soundstages and areas themed to iconic sets and cities. These immersive elements truly make you feel like you’ve walked into the movie and they make for some pretty…

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  • Last Blast of Summer

    The beach is the symbol of summer. With a few days left before school starting again, and some time to spend, some visits to the beach were made necessary. With Sandy Hook National Park and Cape May, NJ not too far, I was lucky enough…

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  • Capturing Every Moment

    Welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m talking about all about photography, which is a major portion of both my life and my blog. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and for me, it’s worth so much more. Pictures are snapshots…

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