palm beach sandals

  • Adventure Spirit

    Sometimes, the best things in life just come to you. It’s like these Billabong pants I found. When I was at Universal Orlando over Christmas Break, I went into a beach and surf-vibe kind of store and found these pants. I absolutely fell in love, but since I really didn’t have the time to go further than looking, I took a picture of the tag and waited until I got…

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  • Easter Day Nibbles

    Despite a very rainy Easter weekend, Easter Day itself was a sunny and happy day! Regardless of the weather, I knew I wanted to wear my Lilly shift in print Nibbles because I just had to be festive for the big day (the print is…

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  • On Parade in Nature

    When I was little, I used to go to Ithaca a lot, and I absolutely love the waterfalls of the region and Cornell’s gardens. While I haven’t been in a few years, I had the opportunity to visit recently, and it was such a simple…

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