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  • Reflecting on the Fall Semester

    I’m reaching the end of my fall semester. My campus closed last week, and we aren’t returning to any form of in-person interaction until February at the earliest. While I have two weeks left virtually, many of my classes have been canceled and I only have the submission of my final projects left. This semester has easily contained some of the hardest moments I’ve faced thus far and been an…

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  • A Beach Reunion

    The hardest part of quarantine has definitely been not being able to see my friends. We’ve been trying to FaceTime almost every day (and we usually do, for hours on end), but it’s nowhere near the same as being able to be all together in-person.…

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  • Try Everything

    Colleges are going to start the fall semester in just a few weeks. For incoming freshmen, it can be quite scary to adjust to a new school and new environment. Especially with the major changes coming to campuses everywhere, there are probably more questions than…

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