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  • Best Photo Spots at Universal Studios Orlando

    Not too long ago, we took a little trip around Universal Resort’s Islands of Adventure to discover the best photo spots. Today, we’re heading right next door to explore Universal Studios. The big sister park to IOA is known for its classic soundstages and areas themed to iconic sets and cities. These immersive elements truly make you feel like you’ve walked into the movie and they make for some pretty…

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  • Try Everything

    Colleges are going to start the fall semester in just a few weeks. For incoming freshmen, it can be quite scary to adjust to a new school and new environment. Especially with the major changes coming to campuses everywhere, there are probably more questions than…

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  • What’s Inside my Travel Backpack

    This post may contain affiliate links. Now that the Florida parks are *almost* entirely reopened, I’ve been getting some serious wanderlust. Traveling has always been a big part of my summer vacations, and having to experience adventure from home has certainly been an adjustment for…

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