broadway musical review

  • Kimberly Akimbo Broadway Recap + Review

    Kimberly Akimbo has been one of the more popular new musicals this season on Broadway, and since I was lucky enough to get last-minute tickets to their first preview back in October, let’s talk about it! What is Kimberly Akimbo about? Kimberly Akimbo focuses on a teenager named Kimberly, who has a rare medical condition that makes her body age significantly faster than normal, and her dysfunctional family. We also…

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  • KPOP Broadway Recap + Review

    What is KPOP on Broadway about? KPOP follows the story of fictional K-pop musical talents MwE, Rtmis, and F8 as they prepare for their upcoming American concert debut, and the behind-the-scenes process is being filmed for documentary release. While all of the groups are owned…

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