Spring in Bloom with Vintage Lilly

If you know me, you know I love vintage Lilly. Even though I love newer Lilly items, they don’t have the same charm and iconic style as some of the “white tag” pieces (white tag referring to the white tag in the items from Lilly’s earlier collections). If you’re wondering where you can score these true classic Lillys, they’re most common on sites like Poshmark, Facebook groups, and some thrift stores.

Now that spring is finally blooming, I’ve been feeling some summer-like weather, which means its the perfect time to wear a vintage Lilly sundress. I don’t know the name of the print I’m wearing, but it’s a patchwork print with lots of little fish and flowers and oranges. I found this dress at Gatorlilly’s Upscale Retail Boutique in Orlando last summer. Once I put it on, I knew I needed to take some pictures in it, so I headed over to a local garden.

Dress- Lilly Pulitzer (found at Gatorlilly’s)

Sneakers- Sperry Topsider

Necklace- Lilly Pulitzer (it’s one necklace even though it’s layered!)

Bracelets- Pura Vida Bracelets

Earrings- Kate Spade

Sunglasses- Quay Australia

See ya real soon,

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