Reflecting on the Fall Semester

I’m reaching the end of my fall semester. My campus closed last week, and we aren’t returning to any form of in-person interaction until February at the earliest. While I have two weeks left virtually, many of my classes have been canceled and I only have the submission of my final projects left. This semester has easily contained some of the hardest moments I’ve faced thus far and been an absolute roller coaster ride from beginning to end. I’ve also learned and grown more than I ever imagined I could have.

Classes have certainly taken a forefront of my focus, especially since the online environment is still such a strange place. Most of my courses were online this semester, and all of them went virtual by the end of the semester. I did enjoy this semester more than the second half of the Spring since my professors had a well-thought plan and knew how to handle these changes for the most part. I didn’t love the online synchronous environment since I felt like the pace was still quite off for me (either too fast or too slow, usually too slow). I was so thankful to continue to learn and take so many interesting courses. My favorite class was definitely based on podcasting since I got to create my own podcast with one of my best friends. 

All of the campus policies not only made classes more difficult, but also my social and personal life. My campus visitation policy was quite strict so it was incredibly difficult to see and spend time with my close-knit friend group, most of whom were a part of my quarantine circle since the beginning of the pandemic. I found myself feeling isolated and lonely quite often, and it was really hard to stay in my room all day with little to no social interaction. Thankfully, I was able to still have some time with my friends during the day when I would go over to campus, and we would try to go on some fun weekend adventures, many of which I blogged and shared to Terrifically Toni.

The highlight of my fall semester was definitely my work. I was able to work as an intern for my school’s career development department. My roles were focused on social media, digital marketing, and video production- what I love doing the most. I was able to learn a lot, and I was even offered a supervisor’s position at the end of the semester that I’ll start over Winter Break. Shortly after midterms, I was also offered a position with the fine and performing arts department at my college to work as a communications assistant, which gave me even more opportunities to do what I love most. My favorite project was for my internship, where I was able to produce the videos for the school’s annual Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday campaigns. 

In a little more than a week and a half, the most challenging few months I’ve gone through will be over. This fall semester has been a roller coaster ride, but I’ve grown so much and learned a lot both in and out of the classroom. As I look forward to Winter Break, I’m excited to have more time to work on my blog and YouTube channel, as well as take some online courses through Google Digital Garage and HubSpot. Most importantly, I’m excited for two months to relax, recharge, and spend time with friends. I’m hoping for the best for the Spring semester and I know the future holds great things.

See ya real soon,

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