My First Month at College

It’s been just about a month since I first started college, and it’s been a whirlwind. Even though it’s only been about four weeks, I feel like I’ve settled in pretty well, and things are also working out nicely. College is a lot, and it’s also a big part of my life right now, so I needed to do little “check-in’s” as I’m continuing on my academic journey.

I have to start by saying I’m incredibly happy with my choice of school. The environment is absolutely perfect for me. I’ve already started to develop a relationship with my professors, which was something that was really important to me, and influenced my choice in deciding to attend a small liberal arts school. I also feel like I’m learning a lot already, even beyond the outlined syllabus in my classes. I wanted to go college not just to get a degree, but to grow and learn as a person; to be seeing this in a month makes me beyond happy.

My classes are going well. I’m taking five classes for a grand total of fifteen credits: freshman seminar, first year writing, intro to marketing, intro to communications and media, and computer graphics. My school took all my transfer credits, so I luckily got to skip a lot of the general education requirements. As of now, I love all my classes. The professors are great, the content is interesting, and the classes themselves are just challenging enough without being overwhelming. I’ve tried to be efficient with my time to get all my work done, but still, it feels like less work than high school.
The social scene has also been going well for me. I was really nervous about making friends, but I was lucky to meet a handful of really great people. I see them and talk to them pretty much everyday, and we usually try to meet for lunch a couple times a week. I have some good friends in my classes as well, but it’s still hard to manage meeting sometimes because everyone has a different schedule. I’ve joined three clubs so far, and in every single one, I’ve felt the true sense of community. In all of the clubs I’m in, there’s definitely a mix of people and personalities, but our similarities are far greater and it helps to bring us all together.

Overall, I’m so happy with college so far. It’s been a great experience that’s met and exceeded all of my expectations. I know I’ve had to take a small step back from blogging, and I’m not as active as I was on social media, but everything’s settling in and I’m working my way back to a consistent schedule. I’ll also be sharing a lot more of my college experience, and a whole lot more that’s just about regular life.

See ya real soon,

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