How I Spent my 19th Birthday

Despite just starting the weirdest college semester ever, my birthday was just last week and I knew I had to try to plan something fun. I can’t be as school as much as I want to, but I knew I wanted to spend time with my closest friends. Thankfully, I was able to have a super magical day, with some extra fun on the weekend.

My actual birthday was last Wednesday, and I started the day off with an 8:30am honors capstone. The class isn’t too bad, and it’s pretty much a reflection of my goals and college experience, but it still feels so early. After my class was over, my mom gave me my birthday presents, all of which I was obsessed with. Some of my favorite items were a Poster Art of the Disney Parks book, my new Mickey Mouse sketch sheets, my haul from Hella Cute Company, and all the fun Disney jewelry (so pretty much everything). Right after my class was over, I got dressed and put on a Southern Fried Chics dress I had been waiting to wear since I got it (it’s SO me). 

Around 1pm, I headed over to a local park to meet Emma and get chicken nuggets from the McDonald’s across the street. I haven’t seen Emma in a few months, so we caught up on life over a chicken nuggets, then took a walk around and took a bunch of pictures. We spent a little over two hours together before saying goodbye. I had a couple minutes at home to catch up on some emails and little work things before heading back out again- this time to campus.

Caleb, probably better known as Cabbage, got out of class and meetings around 5pm, so I went over to school to pick him up. From there, we headed over to the local mall to be the absolute nerds we are. Our first stop was the Disney Store- if I can’t be in Disney World on my birthday, the store is the next best thing. I found a rare pin I had been looking for, as well as a cute birthday pin and a Belle of the Ball Bronze Disneyland spirit jersey on sale, and I was able to use my birthday code from Disney on my whole purchase. After that, we stopped in BoxLunch gifts. It’s one of my favorite stores, and it was Caleb’s first time and he was obsessed with it. He surprised me with a Rex pin I saw right after we left the store (needless to say, it made it straight to the pin board). After that, we stopped in a local comic and collectible store, a Hot Topic (since it’s Caleb’s favorite), and a Target. 

We drove back to school to pick up Jacob and the three of us went over to Shake Shack’s outdoor patio for dinner. Of course, we all got milkshakes to celebrate. After spending quite a while talking and just enjoying the lovely night, I dropped the guys back off at school and headed home.

On Sunday, the festivities continued. Jacob was unfortunately busy with rehearsals for a show he got cast in, but I picked up Caleb in the afternoon. Our first stop was a small farm stand, where there were a ton of adorable baby animals, and all of the regular goods you would find at a farm store. After taking a bunch of pictures and fawning over the cuteness, we stopped at McDonald’s for lunch (and a Dino Happy Meal Toy). We then proceeded up to a goat farm for a Fairy Goatmother Play Date. Yes, you heard me correctly; Caleb and I got to act as Fairy Goatmothers. We were each able to pick a goat of our choice, given a bag of treats, then given about an hour to do whatever we wanted. In that hour, there was quite a bit of hugging, cuddling, walking, running, snacking, laughs, and photos. It was an extremely enjoyable experience, and one I’d love to do again.

My birthday was definitely not what I expected it to be, but I still enjoyed it. Tomorrow is more of a mystery than ever, but I’m ready to enjoy the ride and see where my destination may be.

See ya real soon,

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