• 21

    My 21st birthday was earlier this month. I typically post every year on (or close) to my birthday, but between my celebratory trip, my discounted Broadway tickets, and work, I fell behind a little bit (coincidentally, about 21 days). I did, however, still want to write a little bit about this momentous occasion because life’s been pretty great lately. Let’s start with some context, shall we? A year ago, I…

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  • Let’s Talk Vera Bradley

    I’m so excited to share that I am now an official Vera Bradley Brand Ambassador! This is exciting news alone, but as someone who has loved Vera Bradley *literally* her entire life, this is a huge deal. As a little kid, I’d like to say…

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  • Let’s Talk Broadway!

    We all know I’m a New York City girly, and despite not necessarily adopting that title for a while, I’ve been trying to adventure around the city more often the past year. While I’ve been able to see tons of limited run exhibits, and even…

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