Holiday Gift Guide: For the Lilly Lover

Hey everyone, I’m back with my first full gift guide of the season! Today, I’m sharing the perfect gifts for the Lilly girl in your life.

Kate Spade Gumdrop Earrings: These are simple, colorful, sparkly, and go perfectly will all Lilly outfits and prints! They can easily be found at both outlets and regular stores in more colors and shapes and sizes than you could ever imagine. 

Lilly Pulitzer Stocking: This gift is a perfect and festive Lilly gift! They are adorable for the holiday season, and you can customizable print and name/monogram on them!

Lilly Pulitzer Scrunchies/Headbands: Several shops on Etsy sell Lilly Pulitzer printed scrunchies, headbands, and other hair accessories. Tons of prints and headband styles are available from each store. I’ve listed two of my favorites down below, but there are more available on Etsy as well.

Monogrammed Shirts and Accessories: Available from a variety of stores, you can get custom shirts, jewelry, stickers- really anything! Almost every print, color, and style can be found, and many involve Disney designs with Lilly prints. Like the scrunchies and headbands, there are tons of stores out there, but I’ve listed some of my favorites here.

Other Small Business Lilly Pulitzer Printed Accessories: Keychains, mouse ears, home goods, and more! There is truly something for any Lilly lover or anyone who loves bright colors out there! You name it, you can find it. I’ve listed some of my favorite stores with some of my favorite items here. 

Lilly Pulitzer Branded Accessories: Lilly sells a ton of printed accessories: cosmetic bags, travel accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, water bottles, and phone cases are just some of the many  currently available. Stationary, blankets, and beach towels are also options that would make great gifts for the Lilly lover.

I compiled this list from both items I have found and loved, and items that some of my friends have discovered! If there’s something you came up with that’s not on this list, it can most likely be found on Etsy (there’s so many unique Lilly pieces), or can be made online (my best friends gifted me a Lilly monogrammed pen set and blanket in a matching print a few years back, it was custom printed from a website!). I hope you were able to find the perfect gift for your Lilly loving friends!

Happy Gifting!


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