Holiday Gift Guide: For Guys

Often times, guys can be hard to gift for (they aren’t typically Sephora fans). I realize this, so today, I’m sharing some gift ideas for guys. Like my first gift guide, this post is more for inspiration, so I won’t be sharing any specific links. I hope you enjoy this post!

Yeti Bottle or Swell Bottle: Simple, practical, and available in multiple colors and prints. Many destinations also have Yeti and Swell bottles with designs specific to their location. This gift is easy to give, and practical, which makes it a safe buy.

Holiday Socks and Winter Items: Holiday socks are both festive and cozy- something that makes a great holiday gift for anyone. I’ve seen a ton of stores sell fun patterns and designs, which makes it easy to find. When paired with other cozy items, like hats and gloves and scarves, you’ve put together a great winter gift set that he’ll be able to use all winter long.

Tech Items: Tech is always a good gift, as it is both practical and a lot of fun! Wireless headphones, charging cases, holiday light chargers, power banks, and speakers are all great options. They are available in all different colors, shapes and sizes, which makes it easy to customize. There are also tons of price points to make sure that you feel comfortable with what you’re spending. 

Take Him Out for Food: Sometimes, even the simplest gifts are the most meaningful. Even though it isn’t necessarily a traditional gift, it is an incredibly kind gesture. Not only are you giving a nice gift, you get to spend time together around the holidays, which is something that is super meaningful.

Gift Cards: Even if your guy isn’t totally into shopping, a gift card can still be a really nice gift. If you get a gift card to one of his favorite stores or restaurants, he’ll be able to have fun and buy whatever he want, or needs, on his own time. Even if you buy a Visa or American Express gift card, he’ll be able to use it wherever he wants, whenever he wants. 

It is easy to get stuck when trying to find the perfect gift for your guy friends, but I hope this list was able to help you find a little inspiration!

Happy Gifting!


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