Favorites from SeaWorld San Diego’s Seven Seas Food Festival

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, SeaWorld San Diego is currently closed with a projected opening for the end of March. I do not know how this will affect the dates of the festival. Before the unforeseen closure, the festival was scheduled to run select weekends until May 3rd.

During my Spring Break, I was super lucky to be able to go to the West Coast (after 9 years of patiently wanting to go back!), and was even luckier to find out that when I would be the first day of SeaWorld San Diego’s Seven Seas Festival! For those who aren’t familiar, the Seven Seas Food Festival is food and craft beer festival with sampler-sized dishes inspired by international cuisine. I had never been to the festival at any of the SeaWorld locations, but I was ecstatic to try some of the plates. My family’s Busch Gardens Williamsburg annual passes count as annual passes at the entire family of parks, so we were able to purchase a pass-holder exclusive 18 item food and drink sampler, which was perfect for trying a large variety of dishes. Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite dishes from the festival!

Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice, China

I love shrimp, and I love fried rice, so this dish by nature was perfect for me. The seasoning and vegetable mix with the rice was perfect, my favorite being the sweet little bites of corn. I actually had to get this dish twice I enjoyed it so much!

Chicken Mole, Oaxaca

Alongside the shrimp fried rice from China, the Chicken Mole from Oaxaca was easily one of the best dishes of the day! Everything about the dish was amazing, particularly the sauce, and definitely something I want to eat over and over again.

Crema Catalina, Spain

I wasn’t sure how much I would like this, as I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about a warm custard, but I thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The temperature didn’t bother me at all

Gnocchi, Italy

I love my pasta, and gnocchi is always a good option for me. While I wasn’t totally in love with the shaved cheese on top, the gnocchi itself and the pesto sauce were quite enjoyable.

Shrimp Tacos al Carbone, Baja

These tacos were really tasty, but also extremely messy. The shrimp was cooked just the way I like it, and all of the “filling” in the taco itself was perfectly balanced with every bite.

Fire Cracker Coconut Shrimp, Polynesia

If you couldn’t tell already, I really like shrimp. I used to dislike coconut shrimp, but I actually really good. Especially with the sweet chili sauce spread on it, it was a perfect snack as I was going through my day!

I’m definitely not an expert food reviewer, but I had a great time trying a bunch of dishes at the Seven Seas festival! A vlog of my day in San Diego, including SeaWorld will be going live on Terrifically Toni soon, so be sure to check it out!

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