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  • What I Wore: Grad Trip to Orlando, FL

    I just got back from my graduation trip to the Central Florida theme parks and I had the BEST TIME EVER! I also got to wear some outfits I’ve been saving for special occasions and impromptu photo sessions, so today, I wanted to shine a little spotlight on them (and some photos I absolutely love) as a little keepsake for myself, and maybe some inspiration for you! Without further ado,…

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  • Stoney Clover x Target Favorites

    I know I’m a little late to the game, but I absolutely fell in love with the recent Stoney Clover x Target collab! I’ve been a fan of Stoney Clover Lane for a while since I’ve loved the colors and ability to customize practically everything,…

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  • March Favorites

    Time is absolutely flying by this semester! March went a little faster than expected, thanks to spring break, but I seriously cannot believe I’m only about one month away from graduation (what!? how did this happen so fast?!). Since I had a decent amount of…

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  • You’ve Got (Magic) Mail

    I have a collection of Disney postcards, and it’s one of my absolute favorite things. To be, it’s a collection of little pieces of art that I can display in so many different ways, with just a hint of the spirit of travel and adventure.…

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