Bringing Magic Home with Mapiful

This post contains gifted products. All opinions are entirely my own.

Now that I’ve been spending so much time at home, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into redecorating my room in hopes of turning it into a memory-filled and inspiring space. Over quarantine, I took care in decorating my walls with pictures, a pin board, and postcards that remind me of some of the happiest moments, but I left some blank space for new finds. Luckily, I was able to create this magical Toontown poster with the help of Mapiful.

Toontown holds such a special place in my heart. It was always one of my favorite areas in the Magic Kingdom (and Disneyland). Now, my closest friends have affectionately named me “Toontown” from my love of Disney and colorful personality. Being able to see Toontown in Disneyland over Spring Break made me so happy, but I wished I would be able to capture the more fun of Toontown at home. When I had the opportunity to create a custom map print with Mapiful, I knew I had to make it Toontown.

Creating the poster itself was so easy. The first step was selecting your location- either real or fictional. If it’s a fictional place, like Toontown, you might have to type in the location of where the setting was inspired by. For me, I typed in “Walt Disney World,” and it generated a map of the Orlando area. Second, you can change the text labels on the poster. I changed “Orlando” to “Toontown,” and “United States” to “Whimsy & Magic” (I thought it really captured the spirit of Toontown). For step three, you get to customize the appearance. There are several preset templates under “popular styles,” but you can also go to “customize,” you can pick the specific layout and color scheme you’d like. I went with the Modern theme and light-medium pink style. Finally, you can pick what size and orientation you’d like- mine is 18×24″ and portrait! 

My Mapiful poster came in the mail in less than a week and I put it up as soon as I got it. If you’d like to customize your own Mapiful, you can click here to shop. Currently, you can get a second print for 50% off, and get free shipping worldwide!

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