Best Photo Spots at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Continuing on with our tour around the Orlando parks, today’s stop is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The park, affectionately known as DAK, is full of gorgeous photo spots that look like they’re from some of the natural wonders of Africa, Asia, and even interstellar locations. One of the most unique things about the Animal Kingdom is its wide variety of trails, walking paths, and hidden corners. Looking for where to begin the adventure? Let’s start here.

Panorda, Valley of Mo’ara

If you visit Animal Kingdom, it’s almost a requirement to get a ton of pictures at Pandora. The Valley of Mo’ara is one of the latest masterpieces of Walt Disney Imagineering. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and totally out-of-this-world. From the classic moss wall, to the walker suit, to the iconic floating mountains and waterfall, there’s truly not a bad angle on this planet.

Village of Harambe, Africa

The Africa section of Animal Kingdom has always been one of my favorite spots to explore, but after the area’s expansion right before Pandora opened, it was easily made one of the best spots for images. The Harambe marketplace is full of Instagram-famous walls and some hidden, but fun, art. In the main streets, it’s easy to find tons of Easter eggs and areas that transport you to another continent. Plus, the main bridge that comes from Discovery Island boasts a scenic view of the river and Harambe Theatre, which happens to be home to one of my favorite shows.

The Dino Institute, Dinoland USA

If you’re looking for the perfect pre-historic spot, this is it. Not only is there lush greenery all around, there’s also plenty of fossil friends to pose with, both as sculptures and posters. Once you head into Dinoland itself, you’ll find tons of Dino-sized photo spots with a vintage touch. 

Dinoland-Asia Bridge, near Expedition Everest and Finding Nemo: The Musical

The walking bridge in between the Theatre in the Wild and Expedition Everest, directly connecting Asia and Dinoland USA, has some of the most beautiful views in the park. On the one side, you have incredible views of the forbidden mountain. On the other, you have a stunning lookout over the park’s central lagoon (which is best viewed at sunset). Plus, the bridge itself is pretty cute and well-designed to have multiple groups taking pictures on either side. Convenient and gorgeous? Definitely a double win. 

Animal Kingdom is just so gorgeous, it was tough to narrow down my favorite photo ops! I’d love to hear some of your favorite photo spots at DAK, so be sure to share them in the comments, or with me on social media!

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