Almost Famous Broadway Recap + Review

There are SO many new shows coming to Broadway this season, and I’m so excited to be able to see so many of them! The first (preview) opening of the season was Almost Famous, which, coincidentally, ended up being my first time attending a first preview. It was such a cool experience with the creative team there, Cameron Crowe and Jeremy Herrin speaking before the show started, and free celebratory stickers! Since I’ve been lucky enough to attend a bunch of first previews, I wanted to start sharing more about the incredible shows I’m seeing in hopes of helping more people find shows they love!

What is Almost Famous about?

Almost Famous is based on the 2000 movie, also by Cameron Crowe, and is not a musical. If you’re like me and have never seen the movie, the show follows 15 year old William and his journey to becoming a music writer. He’s the youngest of his class in school by a few years and certifiably “uncool.” He gets the opportunity to write a behind-the-scenes piece about up-and-coming group Stillwater for Rolling Stone and follows the group on the road, against his mother’s best wishes. He meets a group of girls, known as the Band-Aids, that also accompany the band on the road. As the tour goes on, the more William begins to experience the less than romantic side of the music industry and becomes conflicted between his friendships, his family, and the integrity of the piece he’s writing. We also see the shifts in relationship of the band members and the Band Aids as they begin to butt heads with each other, and William’s best attempts to maintain his newfound family. The show features original music.

My thoughts on the show

The vibes in this show are truly immaculate and I cannot wait to see how it grows. The music was incredible and something I can see myself listening to regularly. The characters were compelling, and the story truly felt like a journey. I also can’t rave enough about how talented the cast is – not only are they phenomenal singers and performers, many also played instruments live on stage! Especially in the second act, I felt fully invested in the story and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt on more than one occasion. The stars of this show truly are the comedy and the authentic 70s feeling most evident in the music. While the second act was more enjoyable for me, and it seems the audience would agree from their reactions, the entire show is at an incredible starting point for previews. There is definitely a little bit that needed to be refined and polished during previews, but as long as they play into the humor more, I could see the show going quite far.

Would I recommend the show?

Absolutely! If you enjoy 70s music, coming of age stories, a good balance of comedy and drama, and are passionate about music, you’ll definitely love this show. It’s a really fun time and from what I’ve read online from other theatergoers, it’s only gotten better since I’ve seen it.

How to get tickets

Tickets are available at Telecharge, TodayTix, and occasionally on TDF. Almost Famous also offers a digital lottery and has rush options starting at $40.

Have a terrific day!

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